About shan (卢珊)

Shan has been photographing since 2007, from Beijing to San Francisco to Seattle where she is currently based,

she switched her focus from engagement photo to family/kids after having 2 kids in 2014 and 2016.

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Featured as Top 25 best family photographers in Seattle 2021, 2022, 2023

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Apple World Gallery

Shan's "seagull flying over Gold gate bridge" picture was featured in "Shot on iPhone6" and displayed in 10 countries as iPhone 6 campaign in 2015. The picture above is at a bus stop in San Francisco.

Shan's photography has featured on BBC website, Flickr explore and various magazines.


Shan used to travel extensively as a travel blogger, (before having kids lol), she got invited to different tourism events in Italy and Macau.

Her iPhone photography book, published in Mainland China and Taiwan in 2011.

Our Studio

The home studio is located in North Bellevue. We offer different setups at one location, including conventional photo studio layouts, lifestyle settings for kids to play with Seattle-inspired theme, and some outdoor garden possibilities if the weather cooperates. I limit the number of sessions each month to ensure quality.


Right outside of our studio, we offer sessions in a forest-like environment on well-kept grounds. which cost over $550 per month to maintain, Each season brings its own, special beauty, click here for more pictures of the yard.