Before the session

✮Schedule time, package, invoice and contract will be sent via Email.
✮Best time for new born is 5-14 days old, 4 months, 9 months (after sit up before crawling) milestone sessions.
✮try to wear neutrals, pastels. minimize or eliminate patterns and logos. for families, try not to have more than 3-4 colors.

During the session

✮bring some snacks or treats for kids over 1 year old, but save them for the times when they are fussy or otherwise not cooperating.
✮Some kids are more sensitive to new environment and might cry when come to studio.
✮for family photos, all adults should try to look directly at the camera the whole time; the photographer will work on the kids' attention.
✮Strobe light is used for baby session. Paul buff Einstein™ E640.

After the Session

✮payment is due after the session, lightly edited preview photos will be sent within 2 Days of photo shoot.
✮edited photos will be sent within a week after the client picks out favorites from preview.
✮photos will be saved on our website for 1 month, but if you need more time for downloading, let us know.
✮If you like the pictures, go to and let us know you left a review and we'll give you 1 extra, bonus post-processed photo.

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